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The Castle of Templarios is situated on the top of the hill  near from River Sil at 60 metres, in the border of one meseta. It has expanse of 8.000 meters square.
It is considerate one of the most representative of Temple live and one of the most beautiful models of military arquitecture. It has a big area poligonal with double and triple defensive in barbacanas, towers, rooms and a big area named albacar.

Materials: It´s building with numerous materials like tapial, wall of lime and stone, masonry, sillería, etc...

Conservation: It is in a very good conservation.

Visits: From tuesday to saturday: morning (10:30 to 13:30 hours) and afternoon (16 to 19 hours); sunday: morning. The are four turns to visits. It.s closed in sunday afternoon and monday. 

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